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Karen's Winter Miracle

This is a paperback novel. or ebook is available. Karen's Winter Miracle is a sapphic romance that has a paranormal twist in it. It is an adult romance book that no one under 18 years old should be purchasing. Ordering is available now and will be sent out by the 21st of December. Ebooks will be emailed for link upon confirmation of payment.

Lord Diaz Elkenheart

From the creative mind of Lady K. Elkenheart, the story of how Lord Diaz Elkenheart came to be. The creation of the vampire that he is and the selfless sacrifice to save Lady K. Elkenheart/ The strife between the vampires that were created by the creator and those that came from the abomination of Cain's lot. Because Lord Diaz Elkenheart was created is the very reason that he was called to save Lady K. Elkenheart. This will also introduce you to the quest that he is on before you read Mystical Nights with Lord Elkenheart which will enthrall you with his sexual desire to find the one, he is looking for.

I do hope that you enjoy this introductory book into Lord Diaz Elkenheart.

Yours forever,

Lady K. Elkenheart

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